LEO Logo

The logo of LEO is an abbreviation of Love Each Other, which links with LEO's mission and reflects LOVE for all stakeholders:

- LOVE for end users by providing safe, high efficient and environmental friendly products & solutions;

- LOVE for customers by providing sales, technical and service support and realizing win-win cooperation;

- LOVE for suppliers by ensuring supply chain and helping their growth;

- LOVE for employees by creating a platform for career development;

- LOVE for society by social contributions and public charities;

- LOVE for nature by protecting water resources and helping improve environment.

Focus on development of safe & environmental friendly pump & system and create value for all stakeholders.

Elevate the image of Chinese pump & system industry, being a sustainable developmental leading company in this industry.

Core Value

Run business with VIRTUE;

Pursue success with PERFECTION;

Win victory with EFFICIENCY;

Go foward with right ACTIONS.



A lion image with character of enthusiasm, generosity, optimism and ambition is created as a mascot based on the zodiac reference of Leo.